For fifty years, the Repeater Communications Group of companies have been operating rooftop and tower communications sites throughout the northeastern United States and the central coast of California. We have long standing relationships with some of the most recognized names in real estate, as well as local, regional, national and international communications companies.

For Property Owners:
Whether you own a mid-town skyscraper or a two-story taxpayer deep in NY's outer boroughs, our team of professionals can generate significant additional NNN rooftop revenue with little to no work on the part of ownership. We do the work for you, allowing you to simply collect the proceeds from your rooftop tower site.

Site Marketing

We inventory and market your site to communications companies, not through mass mailings but through direct relationships with the executives responsible for network design and expansion.


Our deal professionals and legal counsel have decades of experience negotiating with communications companies and are intimately aware of the business terms and interests that both landlords and communications companies value. Often we are able to short-circuit much of the negotiation process and provide proven solutions with little to no legal expense to the landlord.

Installation Coordination Oversight

Our site management team has decades of experience developing and operating the installation of rooftop communications equipment and can coordinate the entire process on your behalf.

Site Auditing Services

Our team of professionals can audit your existing communication facilities and agreements to ensure compliance.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Our accounting and bookkeeping department manages the accounts payable, accounts receivable and collections efforts for the rooftop customers and provide you with the simplicity of one monthly check and report.

For Communications Companies:
RCG's in house engineering and real estate professionals have a proven track record of designing, licensing and deploying integrated multi-site communications networks covering individual neighborhoods or entire metropolitan areas. We maintain marketing rights on over 3,000 available rooftop sites in the NY metro area and elsewhere. In the event we do not have a site that satisfies your company's search parameters, RCG's staff locates, negotiates and licenses new sites. Our deep and longstanding relationships with property owners and managers give us direct access to key decision makers, affording us the ability to deliver sites to customers in record time.

Our wireless communications customers include:

  • Cellular carriers
  • Cable television providers
  • Network broadcasting companies
  • Point-to-point broadband service providers
  • Outdoor wifi providers
  • Paging/Internet of Things (I.O.T.) companies
  • Public safety and emergency service providers
  • Private corporations and dispatch services
  • Municipal and Government Agencies

  • History

    Repeater Communications was founded by Gary Eisenberg. Gary was a graduate of The RCA Institute during the Vietnam War. Gary was a member of the MARS program, responsible for communications back to the United States from Vietnam. Upon returning to the States, Gary founded Repeater Communications in 1968 and soon built it into the largest Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ESMR) company in New York City. In 2001, Gary was awarded a fellowship by the Radio Club of America for his various contributions to the development of wireless communications. Now in its second generation, Repeater Communications continues to build upon Gary's legacy; specializing in rooftop/tower site operations and P2T radio network design and development.

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    Other Services

    With over forty years of designing, developing and deploying Push-To-Talk (P2T) radio networks, the Repeater Communications Group of companies and its affiliates are capable of solving complex communication issues in one of the most challenging RF environments in the country. We are capable of delivering P2T radio solutions that can satisfy any end-user, be it in building, local, regional, or multi-site wide-area digital networks.

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